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cheryl's permanent cosmeticsPermanent Cosmetics is a procedure that has recently become an increasingly popular alternative to conventional make-up. There are many women that have a hard time putting on their make-up, and find daily application to be frustrating and time consuming. Individuals with poor hand-eye coordination, poor eyesight, allergies to cosmetic products, skin disorders and even those who just don’t have enough time in the day to apply make-up, can all benefit from this extraordinary procedure.

The Permanent Cosmetics procedure at Cheryl’s Hair Removal Center is very similar to the application of permanent tattoos. We utilize fine needles to permanently inject the cosmetic pigment into the skin in the treatment area. When the procedure is completed, women will have permanent make-up that will last for several years. Sunlight and other natural elements may cause the cosmetic pigment to slightly fade over time, like any other tattoo, so women may require additional procedures down the line in order to keep their permanent make-up looking fresh and new. This procedure is a great way to achieve a younger, fresher cosmetic appearance permanently.

Cheryl’s Hair Removal Center has been performing permanent makeup procedures for over 14 years. Our Permanent Cosmetics treatments can give anyone a softer, more natural look. We offer eyeliner and eyelash enhancement, lip liner and lip color procedures as well as eyebrow definition. Patients can choose from an array of designs and colors for their own natural look. Those that have trouble applying their make-up everyday can now have perfect make-up permanently.

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